British Literature Class for 2017-18

Study Guide/Quiz#3-

(Click/Tap Below)-(This Also is the Test for Monday = 60 pts)

A Passage to India Quiz#3-28s2cst


20th Century Modernism Unit Creative Expression

Presentations See Link Below-Due Monday, 4.16.18 = 100 points!

20th Century Modernism Unit for British Literature Class Creative Expression-2ndjm1v

A Passage to India- Chapters 22-37

Study Group Packet Questions

Due Monday 4.16.18 = 50 pts! (See Below)-

Short Answer Questions for Chapters 22-37 of A Passage to India-1dg1w8f

-For Full Text of Novel Online See Link Below-

 A Passage to India by E. M. Forster

Study Guide/Quiz#1 (Click/Tap Below-

A Passage to India Questions-1t86d02

Study Guide/Quiz#2 (Click/Tap Below)-


Study Guide/Quiz#3 (Click/Tap Below)-

A Passage to India Quiz#3-28s2cst


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