British Literature Class for 2017-18

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The Middle Ages…


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The Middle Ages…


Upcoming Due Dates!

1. Read Sir Gawain & the Green Knight (Textbook pp. 160-174) & Do Questions#1-8 (No text box) = 20 points/Due on Monday, 9.25.17

2. Finish Viewing Journal Entry#2- Simon Armitage: Sir Gawain & the Green Knight via the embedded video below via YouTube = 20 pts/Due Monday, 9.25.17

3. Read The Middle Ages…(pp. 74-88) in British Literature Textbook & Complete Quiz#2 Study Guide-Due Wednesday, 9.27.17 = 15/30 pts!

4. Creative Expresssion#1– (See link below)-The first Creative Expression is Due on Monday, October 2nd = 50 points! 

5. Finish Reading the epic Beowulf….

For Creative Expressions Assessments for Unit#1 Click/Tap the Link Below-

British Literature Class Creative Expressions Assessments-1to3t9t

For Journal Entry#2- Sir Gawain… (see link below)-

Required Journal Entry-Sir Gawain & the Green Knight with Modern Poet Simon Armitage-1vtx8fa

For YouTube Link to Journal Entry#2- Sir Gawain…(see below)

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British Literature Quiz#1-wgwcr4

For Quiz#2 Study Guide See Link Below-


PDF Version of Beowulf (Click/Tap) the links below-


The “No Fear” Version of Beowulf (click link below)-

For Audio Online Version of Beowulf  (Click Here!)


For Required Beowulf Notes from Class

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(For British Literature Class Syllabus Click Link Below)

 FINAL DRAFT-BritLitsyllabus 20172018 (1)-1j2byv6

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 Required Notes- “The History of the Anglo-Saxons”

 Poetic Techniques of the Anglo-Saxons 

For Audio Online Version of Beowulf  (Click Here!)

Beowulf Resource Website

Beowulf Background & Information Website

Page I of Beowulf Epic-(Public Domain Website Link)

Study Resource: Beowulf Powerpoint Presentations


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