British Literature Class for 2017-18

Welcome to the Dawn of a New Semester for British Literature!

For January/February Class Calendar 

(See Link Below)

2018 British Literature Class Calendar Jan-Feb-1c39jpa

For PDF Copy of the Novel 1984

by George Orwell See Link Below-


Introduction to the Novel 1984 Notes

(See Link Below)

1984 Intro MASTER-26muiol

Reading/Homework/Quiz/Test Schedule for 1984 by George Orwell-

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1984 Reading Schedule (2018)MASTER-1fmxkk4 

1984 Quiz#1 Study Guide-

(See Link Below)

Quiz#1 (Chapters I-IV) for 1984 by George Orwell-21gfono 

Click Audio-Book Version of 1984

For The Truman Show Journal Entry Questions

See Link Below-

The Truman Show-21rz0uj

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